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Commercial Products and Services

Powercom offers a number of products and services for a commercial business. First and foremost is Powercom’s outstanding record of excellent service. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers’ needs taken care of day or night. We offer twenty four hour emergency tech support.

We also offer motor repair, replacement and service for our commercial customers. Powercom is also able to service commercial HVAC. Give us a call for more information.

Powercom offers generators and generator services. We also offer an optional service contract with every new generator giving you peace of mind. Included in the service contract is a yearly maintenance check to ensure proper performance and spot checks to determine any issues that may occur.

We also offer lighting and audio automation including design and remote capabilities. Who would have thought we could pull that one out? Never underestimate Powercom, there’s always something new right around the corner!

Check out our Products page for more information.