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“An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.”

Powercom researches the most advanced methods of motor control and industrial science, considering itself part of an evolving team that includes its customers and the manufacturers it does business with on a daily basis. Together, this team achieves the goal of higher productivity, lower input costs, and reduced power consumption. Powercom invites you to become part of this team.

High quality products, competitive prices, and outstanding service are just part of the benefits of joining the Powercom team.

Powercom involves partners with similar goals and knowledge for an optimum outcome. They include: LG (LS Industrial), Westinghouse, Marathon, Baldor, and more. Select the Products page to explore.

Powercom grows Agriculture: Utility supply solutions, wireless communications, renewable energy, and site automation. Select the Agriculture page to explore.

Powercom builds Industry: Robotics, safety, and proprietary machine controls. Select the Industry page to explore.

Powercom economizes Commercial Application: HVAC motor control, standby and emergency power generation, and audio/visual operation and repair. Select the Commercial page to explore.

Powercom drives Municipal Application: Water plants, waste treatment facilities, and process control design. Select the Municipal page to explore.

Powercom energizes OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Application: Motors, contactors, drives, and cost reduction. Select the OEM page to explore.

Powercom shines on Solar Energy: The value has never been greater to invest in solar than now. Select the Solar page to explore.

Click on our Staff page to get a peek at the unique individuals that help keep your motors running.

The opportunity for Powercom Motor Control to find solutions is found at accounts@powercom.us. Thanks you!